Sunday, 16 March 2014

Otak dan Hati Fighting

"Whats worth fight"

Otak: But what do you want and what to fight for?
Hati: Clear the path and clear the mind.You will find the answer.

Otak: But how if the path is related with time and opportunity?
Hati: Then wait until its come. Nobody could take what is destine for you.

Otak: But if its not coming?
Hati: Meaning it doesnt meant for you. There is surely something beter.

Otak: But how could i know?
Hati (about to loosing sabar): Left the past..Look up for future.. Live the PRESENT..and SMILE:)

The power for the believer

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Maafkan dari hati

Maafkan aku kalau aku pergi meninggalkan parut di hatimu
Maafkan aku jika aku pergi saat kau memerlukan ku
Maafkan aku jika bumi yang dipijak tidak lagi bersama

Kenangan itu
Akan ku bawa sekali
Akan ku bawa lari
Bersama semangat ku yang masih berbaki
Mencari jalan sendiri
Mengubah hidup ini
Kerana aku tahu hadirku tak lagi membantu
Kerana keberadaan aku hanya akan menyulitkan kamu

Walau aku sudah tiada disisi
Doaku untukmu tetap di hati
Semoga bertemu kembali
Mengenang kisah lama menghibur hati
Sungguh dalam hatiku ada kamu selalu

Lets chase our dream together-will be missing u

Friday, 10 January 2014

How to write a paper

  • The words used is easier to be understood  and error free grammar
  • The arrangement of topic is in order. 
  • Continuous sequence of story making reader addicted to keep reading
  • Have good literature review based on previous method that relates to the title
  • Have mathematical model explaining the method proposed
  • The parameter for simulation purposed is enough
  • The simulation figure is clean and clear
  • Good discussion that explaining the figure well
  • The conclusion proving that the objectives is obtained

Sunday, 13 January 2013

multiplication of vector using matlab

vector is a unit having both scalar and magnitude while scalar only have magnitude.
let say we have 2 vector  a=i+2j+3k and b=4i+5j+6k
1. dot (vector dot vector=scalar)
   y= a.b
     =( (1x4)+(2x5)+(3x6) ) 
     = 32
   matlab command: y=dot(a,b)

2. cross(vector cross vector=vector)
     =(a12b13-a13b12)i - (a11b13-a13b11)j + (a11b12-a12b11)k
     =[ (2x6)-(5x3)]i - [(1x6)-(3x4)]j + [(1x5)-(2x4)]k
     =-3i + 6j -3k
     matlab command: z=cross(a,b)

2x+9y=5 and 3x-4y=7 can be written as A=[2,9;3,-4] and B=[5;7]

Can be express in form of Ax=B 
where A=[2,9;3,-4]   B=[5;7]    x=[x;y]
Theoretically x=A-1B
    where inverse A, A-1=(1/|determinant A|) x (matrix A but swap position of a11 with a22 and put  negative to both)
    determinant A=|A|=(a11 x a22)-(a12 x a21)

Using matlab, can use either: 
    i. x=A\B   %(backslash)
    ii. x=inv(A)*B    % x=A-1B
    ans: x=2.3714, y=0.0286

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cara tukar range x-axis dalam scope (matlab toolbox)

Untuk tukar time offset pada scope dalam matlab toolbox simulation:

Go to simulation tab-configuration parameters-under simulation time change the start time according to the ques specification.


Friday, 11 January 2013

Modulation order

How to simulate mobile condition?