Sunday, 16 March 2014

Otak dan Hati Fighting

"Whats worth fight"

Otak: But what do you want and what to fight for?
Hati: Clear the path and clear the mind.You will find the answer.

Otak: But how if the path is related with time and opportunity?
Hati: Then wait until its come. Nobody could take what is destine for you.

Otak: But if its not coming?
Hati: Meaning it doesnt meant for you. There is surely something beter.

Otak: But how could i know?
Hati (about to loosing sabar): Left the past..Look up for future.. Live the PRESENT..and SMILE:)

The power for the believer

Friday, 10 January 2014

How to write a paper

  • The words used is easier to be understood  and error free grammar
  • The arrangement of topic is in order. 
  • Continuous sequence of story making reader addicted to keep reading
  • Have good literature review based on previous method that relates to the title
  • Have mathematical model explaining the method proposed
  • The parameter for simulation purposed is enough
  • The simulation figure is clean and clear
  • Good discussion that explaining the figure well
  • The conclusion proving that the objectives is obtained

Sunday, 13 January 2013

multiplication of vector using matlab

vector is a unit having both scalar and magnitude while scalar only have magnitude.
let say we have 2 vector  a=i+2j+3k and b=4i+5j+6k
1. dot (vector dot vector=scalar)
   y= a.b
     =( (1x4)+(2x5)+(3x6) ) 
     = 32
   matlab command: y=dot(a,b)

2. cross(vector cross vector=vector)
     =(a12b13-a13b12)i - (a11b13-a13b11)j + (a11b12-a12b11)k
     =[ (2x6)-(5x3)]i - [(1x6)-(3x4)]j + [(1x5)-(2x4)]k
     =-3i + 6j -3k
     matlab command: z=cross(a,b)

2x+9y=5 and 3x-4y=7 can be written as A=[2,9;3,-4] and B=[5;7]

Can be express in form of Ax=B 
where A=[2,9;3,-4]   B=[5;7]    x=[x;y]
Theoretically x=A-1B
    where inverse A, A-1=(1/|determinant A|) x (matrix A but swap position of a11 with a22 and put  negative to both)
    determinant A=|A|=(a11 x a22)-(a12 x a21)

Using matlab, can use either: 
    i. x=A\B   %(backslash)
    ii. x=inv(A)*B    % x=A-1B
    ans: x=2.3714, y=0.0286

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cara tukar range x-axis dalam scope (matlab toolbox)

Untuk tukar time offset pada scope dalam matlab toolbox simulation:

Go to simulation tab-configuration parameters-under simulation time change the start time according to the ques specification.


Friday, 11 January 2013

Modulation order

How to simulate mobile condition?